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An Erie Halloween

An Erie Halloween - V.L. Locey I like the idea of Lupei Manor as LGBT Center for magical beings in Lake Erie. That alone won some points for this story.

Also, odoriferous skunk Templeton might be, but he's so adorably smart when critical moments called for it.

Overall this is an entertaining read for me, with various shifters mentioned - although lycans still held majority spotlight being on both good and evil sides.

The other thing I like here: the equal opportunity partnership. Bigger didn't mean one automatically being a top. So, instant romance aside, another fresh mutual respect relationship which I approved!

Seth & Greyson (The Coincidence)

Seth & Greyson (The Coincidence) - Jessica Sorensen 3.5 stars

First off, I'm not familiar with Ms. Sorensen work. This is the only book of hers I read and it came very late in a series.

I actually like this book, with some notes!

- The title: why the heck the author couldn't give better title than mere Seth & Greyson? Seriously, that's the best she'd come up with?

- I mentioned earlier that this is part of series. And I'm assuming some of the scenes happened pararelly with the other (books) in the series, which made the one here not went into detail. Which means, as a reader of this sole book, I missed on some of supporting characters' stories (namely Callie's, Kayden's, and Luke's).

- I'm not sure if Seth's past incident with Braiden were also told in previous books in the series. But I felt that it wasn't described clearly here. The same also went for Seth's relationship with his mother. I'm not sure of his family economy background too. I mean, for a boy who got tossed out of his home (for being gay) Seth still lived comfortably in campus (he still had his car, he could buy anything he wanted and even bought plane tickets that he ended up not using without much fuss! Why do I zero-in on that? I guess I'm stickler to stuff like that).

So, there were loopholes! Which rather disturbed my overall enjoyment reading this story.

There are some upsides too, though!!
- For a new adult book, I felt all characters were real and they acted their age. This I find very refreshing after a number of know-it-all-yet-still-rather-stupid YA/NA characters I read lately. ;-)

- I love the slow building romance between Seth and Greyson; the rather awkward meeting to gradually being friend then more. The sex/make-out scenes were not explicit (not that there were many! :p) even somewhat awkward.

- No over the top drama! I'm not sure if all the angst and drama were spent in the other books of the series. I'm just happy I didn't find many teary scenes here.

So overall, yes this is rather sedate and slow pace story. But no less enjoyable to read.


Apocalypse - Brannan Black I think this is my first dystopian book. A short one, phew! ;-)
This is the first installment of a series and despite the D/s, violence and force shown here, I like it!

When human had to butt head with beast, I - off course - cheer for the human side. And so I applaud Daniel for his courage, smart mouth, and strength. Not to go dissing the pack side though, with such mighty Alpha like Mace. Their dynamics were unusual too, I wouldn't think a bigger, stronger beast like him allow a little human to top him, but top Mace Daniel did. That alone was promising despite the circumstances they were in.

I had a hunch as the series went, past personalities would reveal. That's why I plan to read further books in this series (being a late reader to this, I've the advantage of next books' availability *g*).

An Erie Operetta

An Erie Operetta - V.L. Locey 2.5 stars

Ms. Locey is a new to me author and I chose this one because: skunk shifter! That's new. And the blurb sounds fun.

And it was. Entertaining and fun. When I didn't grapple around wondering for missing details of the story. It felt like I stepped in when half of the story been told already. Could be because (later on I found out) this was second book to a series.

The short-sighted snoozey skunk-shifter, Templeton Reed was adorable though (albeit rather smelly). As were the rambunctious lycans pack he lived with. Or the uninvited guest, vampire Elysian and his human.

Murder case wise; it's too easily and accidentally solved. Of course, our hero being a skunk who could only bad-odored villains to save his life, the help came from the magical fangs and furs beings.

Not bad introduction to Ms. Locey work, I think. Although I wish the end was not cut so...

Force of Law

Force of Law - Jez Morrow 1.5 stars

Holy Hole in A Donut! What was that!?! Renegade/Terminator love-child!???

Once upon a time, the type of macho Alpha of the alphas super human Lawrence Castille exuded would melt my heart. That time though, has looong passed and now I'm not impressed. Law was brutally too sure of himself and Tom... Still can't find a word to describe Tom.

Neither characters here were endearing to me at all. Not even the Castille clan - they were too perfect to be true. And the plot... They were just messy.

The upside of the story: it's short.

Love Note

Love Note - T. Kierei 1.75 stars

Copy of this book was received from the author via Goodreads MM Romance DBML program in exchange for fair and honest review.

High school teacher/student love was definitely NOT my usual trope unless it's a YAOI manga and this story triggered my YAOI alarm just from the blurb!

Malcolm Lemeri was a young man, just off his assisting year to be a full Math teacher in high school. On his first day teaching he got attracted to one student, Lucas Emeret. Mal certainly NOT your usual teacher; he actually initiated the anonymous conversation via personal email to his cute student. A bit stalkerish, to be sure. And in this world of Cybercrime what Lucas did was a NO NO: he replied to the anon communications. Thus, started the ill-fated innocent love affair between the two.

Lucas was a bit neglected by his parents since they found out he was gay. He had to have different toiletries as not to defile theirs, had little to no food at all and even had to take part time job to pay for his gas. He even got locked out of his house when his parents went on a trip out of state. The situation ended up with him staying at Malcolm's house for a few weeks. And Lucas's parents didn't call or look for him at all. Weird?
Again, I rarely found this sort of circumstances outside from Yaoi realm. Although I assumed this book set in Australia or NZ (winter in August? Certainly not in US or UK).

I actually enjoyed this story in the beginning. But the plot was just confusingly convoluted. Started from when Lucas "lived together" with Malcolm, things turned to bizzare. For people who barely knew each other, the amount of trust and easy rapport they built were alarmingly quick and way too easy.

And then, halfway into the story, after so little interactions from others, the name "Mitchell" suddenly introduced as Lucas first crush, and Mal - feeling guilty of his "affair" with his own student - encouraged Lucas to really date Mitchell. Soon after, the accident happened...

Worry not, it didn't end up there. There were still period of coma, amnesia, a kinda fake dating, etc before the closing. Busy plot, yes?
Very. And they were Just. Too. Much.
I went from enjoying to confused before turning annoyed then bored throughout the pages.
I tried to like this book, sadly it just didn't work for me!

No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked - A.M. Riley 4.5 stars

The last chapter alone ante up my rating, but I already loved this book anyways. Adam and Peter didn't have an easy relationship - they were not a normal couple, even before Adam changed his diet. We're talking about connection that had been going more than fifteen years. I put this in a HFN category, but it was a happy hopeful one nonetheless!!

Damaged Heart

Damaged Heart - S.C. Wynne 2.5 stars

Were all lawyers as gloom doom as Cory, I wonder. Granted, he had "THE PAST" - ya know, the kind that messed with his head and left his heart scarred - but to be a successful attorney I assumed he had to have basic smoochy-skill, right? Only this successful lawyer from LA resembled a catatonic numb creature. OTOH, Rhys was so candid and upfront I couldn't help to admire his bravery. Or that he didn't get tired of hearing Cory's "I'm going back to LA soon" like a broken record!

They said opposite attracts, though for the live of me I could't get what so attracted Rhys to Cory. He's so damn surly, stand-off, and not nice at all. King of Gloom Doom! At least Cory described Rhys as the classic tall, dark, gorgeous type - but Cory??? No idea if he's homely or otherwise. This, to me, was the mystery!

As much intrigued as I wanted to be with this story, I just couldn't like it. The chemistry between MCs fell flat. And it was just... Meh.

Immortality is the Suck

Immortality is the Suck - A.M. Riley I've soft spot for a bad boy.
Naah. Not really.
I just couldn't resist Adam Bertoni's charm; commitment-phobic, insensitive bastard, recovered addict, run of bad luck, sex-magnet, undead as he was. So, really - I could sympathize with how Peter must have gone through.

This story had me twisting and squirming emotionally! In a way, I could just hit Adam upside the head with how callously he treated Peter, or how slutty he could be when the urge struck. Likewise, Peter couldn't seem to resist welcoming Adam back after each transgression. Every. Single. Time. But these two were just so hot together (yep, that's me squeeing...) and somehow they complimented each other professionally. And those moments when they hurt each other (intentionally or not)?? I could feel the phantom corkscrew-pain in my chest and I just wanted to hug Adam and comfort him!

I do wonder though, what actually made Peter changed his mind the last time, other than "the way Adam looked at him" story that Ally fed him. That right THERE was when I yell: nooo, why end the story there?? Nooo. More pleeease!!!

Relationship-wise aside, the plot gripped me from start to finish (read this in one sitting). Adam might not be the can-do-no-wrong superhero in this story, but his adventures were very entertaining to follow!

Part of Me

Part of Me - Laura Harner 1.5 stars

Huh. This was actually a sweet story with so much potential. Alas, it felt like chopped chapters and rushed plots. I mean: second chances and friends-to-lovers, people!

The gap between Jason despairing his might-be-dying condition to possibly-living after successful bone-marrow transplant was only bridged with "Nine weeks later" before the new chapter began. So much could've happened in those nine weeks. Like the repatching the lost 15 years of friendship or more, perhaps?? Like how Jason gradually got better?? So much untold stories there!!

I was also as confused as Jason with Hunter's "change of heart". After 15 years he couldn't just jump Jason's bones without so much explanation! There's also bloody lack of grovelling there...

...and Jason just accepted the not adequate excuses and jumping right back at Hunter's bones!


I liked a HEA in my reading, but I really wish this story been explored more.

Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors - Josh Lanyon Ookay, it's sweet and real, certainly. No less exasperating though.

I loved Graham and Wyatt in [b:Perfect Day|14673024|Perfect Day|Josh Lanyon|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1338245259s/14673024.jpg|20318217], and I thank Mr. Lanyon for this short glimpse into their pre-wedding life. Still, it boggled me that after a year together Graham and Wyatt didn't talk TALK and causing this shorties to happen... :p

Thank goodness for happy ending! And that Wyatt didn't have another bridezilla/groomzilla lapse. XD

Lightning Unbound

Lightning Unbound - Lynne Connolly It felt a bit like a trek through difficult terrain, this one. My understanding on the Olympians, Titans and such are barely scratching on basic. And the plot of this story is rather convoluted. But enjoyed reading it I did!

The story was set in 18th century England, where the long-live soul of Olympians and Titans lived in the bod(ies) of upper tons, plotting and scheming. To rule the world and its unsuspecting weak humans - what else.

A first of "Even Gods Fall In Love" series, and as such having a bit of info dump as world building support. I was confident early on that I would hugely like this sort of story and I do. Sort of.

The hero of this book was Jupiter who was born again into Gerrard, Lord Ellesmere body after the bomb-blast the murderer Kronos set upon him. The character was too kind and unsuspecting for a reincarnated god.
The love interest, Faith, was more or less the same. That unsuspecting nature would later on cause them troubles. In a way, it's the MC's gullibility that caused the twist and thickening plot.

Sexy times in this book were quite graphic, and a lot. In this, I quote one characters admission that fit perfectly.
He laughed, sounding embarrassed. “After living so long with celibacy, I think my unruly body wants to make for lost time.”

My favorite here is the supporting characters, Bacchus and Mercury, and Faith's simple older brother George. Lord Stretton, Bacchus, was the reason I started reading this series at all. Realizing his book is the 2nd installment, I backtrack and pick Lightning Unbound first. Luckily, Lord Stretton appeared since the early pages!!!

He's Just Knot That Into You

He's Just Knot That Into You - Nico Jaye DNF at 55%

Apparently this is a story with M-preg possibility. I didn't see that coming! (I should've realized that with the "knot" in the title... Or not.)

The theme being an alpha wolf in heat looking for his mate (here, an alpha wouldn't take on the full wolf body until they found their true mate) I wouldn't be surprised when there was smutty smex aplenty. But not what I found here. Nuh-uh.
THIS... was so surprising, with some "eeew" while reading. And I thought I'd get passed any eewy-scenes. I referred to the jacket-rubbing, throw pillow mashed-potatoes-filled fucking scenes. That was way... unf!

The banter and camaraderie between Tanner and Jon were sort of cute, both obliviousness exasperating though. Also the way the alpha wolf behave... I found it lame. Major turn off!!
So no. I'll just put this away on the "Not-for-me" shelf.

Jay Walking

Jay Walking - Jacques N. Hoff Jay Azure was one very obnoxious and cocky avian shifter! I know, considering this story humorous trope, I should've treated it like such - but I'm having a hard time moving on from that thought. And I couldn't find it in my heart to like Simon either! Crap.

I like the idea of avian shifter - that was quite refreshing - and I'm all for funny humorous story. But man, this one... It just didn't work for me. Not to mention ample of cheesy lines, like: he's my mate, he's the one for me, the only one, I’d do anything for you, I love you... yada yada yada.

I'm all agreement with Simon's 19 year old shop staff expression here:

“Whoa, buddy. Love?” Calvin asked, his eyes wide in apparent shock. “You just met him, what, yesterday?”

Looks like my patience just ran out this time.

The Ghost Slept Over

The Ghost Slept Over - Marshall Thornton I needed a good laugh and this book had been sitting there untouched on my TBR for a while. So what the heck, I thought I gave this a try.

Cal Parsons was a failed actor down on his luck – his agent didn’t even deign to talk directly to him. He was quite homeless when he got a call that changed his life forever: an ex-lover had died and left his estate for Cal. Leaving glitzy Los Angeles to cold winter rural New York, Cal discovered not only he inherited a picturesque house, but Mac, his ex-lover haunting it – or him – as a ghost. Mac might have had dumped him 15 years ago, but now he persisted that Cal was the love of his life and they should be together for always. It was an unlikely situation for falling in love, surely. Except that Cal started to find himself attracted to Dewey, the jack-of-all-legal-trades country lawyer.

This was a comedy of ghost story set in close-knitted Marlboro Township, a town where everybody knew everybody’s business (like when a certain lawyer and actor got lucky, where they bought condoms and lube, where they had dinner, where and what they bought on apparel-shopping; it was scarily embarrassing). The only thing the townsfolk didn’t know, apparently, was that Mac’s ghost still very much lived in his house. Well, sort of. The late playwright haunted Cal’s almost every activities in and out of the house. The conversations between Cal and anyone became rather bizarrely funny with Mac jumping in and Cal’s automatic replies to him.

I enjoyed this book immensely; it could be the right time and mood for me to pick this to read. The interactions between characters were snort-inducing; though some might appear tacky. There were secrets, hidden agenda that spoiled a budding romance when revealed, but soon resolved. The story was told from Cal and Dewey’s POV alternately and given how totally different their personalities were, it really gave insight on both characters, and thus: their flaws. I didn’t really like both MCs personalities; they were either immature (for a forty year old) or weak (for a lawyer). Surprisingly, the person I liked best here was the ghost Mac. Sure, he was sneaky, mischievous, exasperating, lustful and stubborn; but he sticked to his character, contrary though it may be. He also livened up the conversation whenever he’s around!

Another thing that nagged me on this book was the editing issues. There were a few that really disturbed my reading pace. Going back a few times to make sure I got it right was vexing!
But all in all, this was entertaining. If you wanted a not-scary ghost story, or reading – instead of ghost fighting – an arguing and negotiating ghost, you could give this one a try and have a laugh with it.

Guest Reader Review at Boys in Our Books

Different Strokes

Different Strokes - Nico Jaye 2.5 stars

This is a cute story, but I find it just... okay.
Tomas was very by the book and aloof kind of guy, while Darren a bit on the clueless and shy side. Their slow budding romance was awkwardly progressing, which was part of the charm. Still, the story flow felt stilted somehow and didn't click with me the way I thought it would.