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Lightning Unbound

Lightning Unbound - Lynne Connolly It felt a bit like a trek through difficult terrain, this one. My understanding on the Olympians, Titans and such are barely scratching on basic. And the plot of this story is rather convoluted. But enjoyed reading it I did!

The story was set in 18th century England, where the long-live soul of Olympians and Titans lived in the bod(ies) of upper tons, plotting and scheming. To rule the world and its unsuspecting weak humans - what else.

A first of "Even Gods Fall In Love" series, and as such having a bit of info dump as world building support. I was confident early on that I would hugely like this sort of story and I do. Sort of.

The hero of this book was Jupiter who was born again into Gerrard, Lord Ellesmere body after the bomb-blast the murderer Kronos set upon him. The character was too kind and unsuspecting for a reincarnated god.
The love interest, Faith, was more or less the same. That unsuspecting nature would later on cause them troubles. In a way, it's the MC's gullibility that caused the twist and thickening plot.

Sexy times in this book were quite graphic, and a lot. In this, I quote one characters admission that fit perfectly.
He laughed, sounding embarrassed. “After living so long with celibacy, I think my unruly body wants to make for lost time.”

My favorite here is the supporting characters, Bacchus and Mercury, and Faith's simple older brother George. Lord Stretton, Bacchus, was the reason I started reading this series at all. Realizing his book is the 2nd installment, I backtrack and pick Lightning Unbound first. Luckily, Lord Stretton appeared since the early pages!!!