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An Erie Operetta

An Erie Operetta - V.L. Locey 2.5 stars

Ms. Locey is a new to me author and I chose this one because: skunk shifter! That's new. And the blurb sounds fun.

And it was. Entertaining and fun. When I didn't grapple around wondering for missing details of the story. It felt like I stepped in when half of the story been told already. Could be because (later on I found out) this was second book to a series.

The short-sighted snoozey skunk-shifter, Templeton Reed was adorable though (albeit rather smelly). As were the rambunctious lycans pack he lived with. Or the uninvited guest, vampire Elysian and his human.

Murder case wise; it's too easily and accidentally solved. Of course, our hero being a skunk who could only bad-odored villains to save his life, the help came from the magical fangs and furs beings.

Not bad introduction to Ms. Locey work, I think. Although I wish the end was not cut so...