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Apocalypse - Brannan Black I think this is my first dystopian book. A short one, phew! ;-)
This is the first installment of a series and despite the D/s, violence and force shown here, I like it!

When human had to butt head with beast, I - off course - cheer for the human side. And so I applaud Daniel for his courage, smart mouth, and strength. Not to go dissing the pack side though, with such mighty Alpha like Mace. Their dynamics were unusual too, I wouldn't think a bigger, stronger beast like him allow a little human to top him, but top Mace Daniel did. That alone was promising despite the circumstances they were in.

I had a hunch as the series went, past personalities would reveal. That's why I plan to read further books in this series (being a late reader to this, I've the advantage of next books' availability *g*).