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The Blood of Roses - Marsha Canham If you're looking for a truly happy ending of ALL the heroes (and heroine) in The Pride of Lions you may not like this book. I'm sheepish to say that I was in tears by the time I finished reading it. But I do love this book!

Love and loyalty were not a matter of black and white in this Marsha Canham's Highlands series. Lots of twist and turns in it, especially in the Midnight Honor the third and last of the trilogy.

The story shows Catherine Ashbrooke Cameron turn from a spoiled Sassenach into a real courageous woman; a match for Alaisdair Cameron, The Camshroinaich Dubh (though I could do without some of the sap scenes between them). Aluinn MacKail, Alaisdair's friend and side-kick, and Damien Ashbrooke, Catherine's brother, got their own stories to tell; which I won't tell as it will spoil all the fun. :) And of course, Hamilton Garner, made more than a few appearances as well.

Riddled with real historical events (it even bore maps of Jacobite Army movement and retreat up to The Culloden Massacre) The Blood of Roses is a historical novel in every sense of the word, and not entirely fiction either; but brought up the loss and of what family and friends felt and suffered following one momentum yet tragic part of England's history.