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Playing Hard to Forget

Playing Hard to Forget - Piper Doone There are many werewolves/shifters stories involving war among different packs, against vampire or, such as this one, human hunters. The story began rather promisingly, if somewhat drone, with the background setting at prologue. With such elaborate beginning, I was rather hopeful for a good story. I mean, a thousand years feud, right? This was gonna be an awesome dynamic book! Alas, that was not what happened.

The story was told as third person from Ethan’s POV. About the first one third of the book consisted of sex scenes; self masturbation, mutual masturbation, giving head on the road – while the other was driving (that had to be hazardous on so many level!), the cherry popping of anal penetration, you name it. While I understand these were young men with high libidos, having most pages dedicated to their fornication in details was just too much. And these two characters were supposed to be enemies, but with one look Ethan, the reluctant young human hunter, got so enamored and obsessed with the gorgeous werewolf. He didn’t even realize he was gay until this lust at first sight and started to jerk off while fantasizing about young Liam. Throughout this heated liaisons, I wasn’t even sure Ethan know who Liam was and what his place among his pack.

I hoped the tide would change at the second part, twenty three years later after their separation and the explosion that made them lost their memory of each other. That hope was soon dashed. The similar thing happened despite the fact that they were older who should’ve known better, hated each other (enemies, you know), one was married with two kids, and they got confused by the pull of attraction. At this point I really dislike the MC, Ethan. Jerking off to some guy’s fantasy while your wife slept beside you? Got a guy off somewhere then had some rough sex with your wife to release your frustration? You, Mr. Robertson, were a cheating jerk.

Weak plot, bad story line, hated the characters, and not even the culmination of the story where confusions cleared up, trouble solved and mutual pack (pun intended) reached, could make me like this book. At least there were females on both sides, human and wolves, not acting too badly, too bad this happened near the end.


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