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Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act - Kim Law Sometimes life handed you crap. And when you got a second chance, would you redo your actions or made new mistakes?

Ah well, never mind my wise summarization. Basically this was soap-opera-like story of two political families, a modern political Romeo and Juliet. With the twist. There were discreet love liaisons, illegitimate off-springs, SECRETS!!! And in the end, true love conquered them all.
Pretty cliche, huh. :D

But what got me good were:
- A bespectacled gorgeous hunk of history professor. He's smart, had good bod (six pack great arse and all that), a playwright, had principles and good sense of humour.
Too good to be true for sure, but not really. He was rather hot headed and stubborn too. And that toy-complex he had for his car, to the extend it caused you to miss sex… Man, that was just hilarious! But I’m not a guy, so I could be wrong.
- Low level angst and drama. To me, for this particular story, it was good not to have the characters wary and suspicious of each other from the get go. Slightly questionable, given they had PAST, but it helped me got through to the end.
- No straight to the sack lovey dovey. Pur MCs met again after almost two decades and taken time to flirt first, not jumping each other bones first chance they'd got despite mutual attraction.
- The heroine was not clingy. Again, despite her past (and present) decision in the name of family blah blah blah...

What I didn't like:
- The villains did not have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.
I prefer shades of grey to pure black and white, and they would’ve made the story more interesting IMHO.
- After how I approved the MCs taking time to get to know each other, they turned into sex rabbits, who had at it, like, four/five times a NIGHT. Really? I mean, REALLY? They must've been really healthy and energetic mid-thirties couple.
- Predictable secrets and conclusions. This had lots to do with secrets hovering all over these two families, wouldn't want to spoil the fun finding them out. ;p

Not saying this was a bad story. It's quite entertaining, actually. I thought some scenes could be cut down to speed the pace a bit. But overall they were fine.

2.75 stars

Note: ARC was kindly provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.