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The Arrow

The Arrow - Monica McCarty Enjoyed this much better than the previous one. I don't know how to rate though.
A moment please...

Not as many battle stories as other installments in the series but at this point I prefer that. Okay, plot was just like the rest, one of the hero from Highland Guard finally, FINALLY, met his match, the heroine who snared him into holy matrimony. Gregor "Arrow" MacGregor being one of the story I was looking forward to, and after #Book8 that was such a let down, I was rather wary starting this. Turned out I could accept the story line way better.

There's the stereotype of troubled past both characters had, of course; the bloom and realization of love, the misunderstanding (not to mention stupidity and stubbornness), then the culmination before the conclusion of the happy ever after. What I liked were the many witty banters, the heroine kick-ass (I mean, really kick-ass, like killing her enemy to avenge her mother and saved her natural father's life, and more appearance of MacSorley, MacRuairi, and the ever quiet Arthur "Ranger" Campbell! ;D

I liked the hero character enough; although what the hell with all those doubts, stupidity and stubbornness??? Yeah yeah, I got it. It's the plot, but still... I prefer the problems in a story caused by other instruments, not self-inflicted (red: stupidity). I love Gregor's brother, John, the children, even the yap yap yap yap terrier! I wish there were more Gregor/Cate interactions with them, and a little less self-talked narrations. :p

So, stupidity and self-inflected angst aside, this is a 3.85 stars from me.