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The Little Death

The Little Death - Andrea Speed 2.5 stars
In a way this story sort of reminded me of “Infected” series, though not with the same fondness. That might be unfair comparison given “Infected” were complete series consisted of 8 novels while this was barely over a hundred pages. It could be the pairing: rough devil may care private dick met sexy anal straightforward person (here, he was an active cop). While I had no beef with 1st person POV, this time it frustrated me so much as there were too many “telling” and less “showing”, especially in the end where our MC told us the summarization of how the events unfold. I also didn’t really feel the chemistry between Jake and Kyle. Honestly, I felt Jake was too flippant and carelessly disregarding to boot. His dry humor was his saving grace, but often I had to agree with Kyle: he was just not THAT funny. (I should’ve known when a book had a Jake for their main character; he would be something of an ass. Just saying.)