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Second Act

Second Act - Kaje Harper Gosh Ms. Harper, you never gave it easy to your main characters, did you?! And they were never flawless, perfect people, any one of them. But because of that they were very genuinely believably real for me.

I’m not sure I could well describe what I’m feeling for this book. Though, honestly, stories with movie star on the spotlight are not my usual pick, I’m glad I went ahead with this one. That Bryce Edwards not my typical portrayal of movie star was a bonus. He’s this big, quiet, good looking guy with self confidence issue that might be due to his past coming out and struggles through life since then. The glamour that I often associated with Hollywood actors; he’s not that. At all. Told from his perspective as third person, it’s as if I stepped in his shoes for the duration of the story. Of course, often I felt like smacking him over the head every time the self-questioning issues came up and “you’re a movie star, DUH!” alongside Dion. Which brought me to Dion LeClair, the bratty (I pointed that out fondly) sexy force of personality who turned Bryce’s near thirty’s life around. Their “courtship” was not a smooth and easy one; I mostly applauded Dion’s headlong pursuits over Bryce or clucking when mutual self-assumptions borrowed them troubles.

I love the pace and flow of the story; I could well feel the repressed emotion each of the characters held even when it seemed they banter about something. There were touching moments when Bryce made peace with his pasts and – at the same time – with his ex boyfriend; how far both of them had changed, the feeling of guilt, hurt, disappointment and many things they carried for years. That right there made me glassy-eyed.
The epilogue was a bit too Hollywood-esque to my liking (well, DUH!!!) but overall this was a solid 4.5 stars reading for me.