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Ventures and Investments

Ventures and Investments - RoughDraftHero A barely reached 2 stars for me. This story sure took "misunderstanding" to a whole new level. More so when it involved our naive oblivious indecisive pride-less Justin Plank and the golden brooding suave man, Tony Torroda, who was his friend(??)-nemesis-tormentor-lover. I so didn't get what the fuss was all about.

Told (mostly) from Justin's perspective, didn't give clear clue of what's going on inside his head and what made this story seemed so very complicated. He was a broken, sad, lonely young man desperate for his father's approval. So??? I also didn't get all the repeat descriptions of he's being sleazy, skeezy, social pariah, whatnots. Well, Justin had no backbone or self-respect and a drama queen twink, that's what I get.

And don't get me started on Tony Torroda! He seemed like a mysterious bright enigma with no background aside from his Oregon origin. I also didn't get his obsession and fixation on Justin. True love? Nuh-uh. I don't think so.

Also distracting were the random flashbacks with random timeline. Those also messed with my "trying to enjoy" the story. And while I initially was rather hopeful toward Chris part in this story, he also turned out to be rather annoying. The closing were too rushed and stretched out at the same time. I guess I was just too tired with pull-and-push fire and ice interactions throughout the story. Misunderstanding solved though. Finally.