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The Student Prince

The Student Prince - FayJay I believe I just got lost in St. Andrews. That's how absorbed I was in this story I felt like being there alongside young Merlin, experiencing his days while attending School of Sorcery, lived in a dorm with His Royal Roommate, chatted with the Great Dragon, traipsing east coast of Fife in Scotland, wracking havoc and saving Prince of Wales's life.

Being a regular to Merlin (BBC) series and fan of the casts Colin/Bradley certainly lend an influence to my delight in enjoying this and picturing them as The Student Prince's Merlin and Arthur. And what a read this was! What a journey! Thank you Lada and Ami for pushing me to hurry up reading this. It really was a jolly great ride! I'm hard-pressed to pick what I like most about here, it's just... everything! I mean, a boarding school life story was bound to be entertaining for me. Setting in this universe?? It's just squee-worthy!

A dragon who wished for an ipod, listened to Justin Bieber, loved Rolling Stones' and Sex Pistols' songs, flying all over the sky as a Learjet; witches as academic mother and grandmother; kickboxing best-friends; a hunk of prince with peach round arse who ogled and drooling over his wizarding roommate; gullible, smart, witty young wizard who ogled and drooled over the prince back. It's a given there were obnoxious friends, angry vengeful fairy, love potion, assassination attempts, some were only implied not told. But heck!!!, it really was entertaining! I enjoyed it so much! I wanna be best mate with Merlin, he'd be ever so handy to have around! X-))

I think biggest complain for this book is: WHY IT ENDED SO SOON!??? MORE PLEASE!!!

4.5 stars