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Rise & Fall

Rise & Fall - Charlie Cochet I finished this book with big smug grin! What a fun ride.

Started directly from where [b:Rack & Ruin|22714908|Rack & Ruin (THIRDS, #3)|Charlie Cochet|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1412580967s/22714908.jpg|42242030] left off, the scenes had us running from first page. The main pairing on this installment were still Dex and Sloane, though this time they shared quite a big portion of spotlight with Calvin/Hobbs, Ash/Cael, and pretty big chunk of Ash with Dex (I loved moments where these two bickering, fighting or whatever - it's like Tom & Jerry, the human (or Therian) version). Also pushing through to the front was Austen - the pervy "super agent" - and Hobbs's brother, Seb. It was quite a busy storyline, each pairings making forward moves, or - in Austen's case - watching the moves, from the shadow.

It's a fast-pace, action-packed book. And as much as the smut scenes, there were touching scenes between friends too. What's more... Ethan Hobbs talked in this book! We didn't see him gestures, had some sort body language or actions explained; there were a few pages of him talking, having real conversation! And what he revealed on one of those conversation!! Sadly, Letty and Rosa appearance taking a huge setback to give their incestuous teammates space on the limelight. (Sorry girls, you still kick ass though.)

As with other book in the series, there were dorky moments - some a bit over the top and a tad cartoonist to me - though I still find them entertaining, and many great lines that made me laugh. What I felt a bit lacking was the mystery or problem solving. I wished the author would twist the plot a bit more, I felt it rather anti-climatic after the long pursuing.
Last but not least, I loved the closing scene! A fit comic ending. *huge grins*