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GingerDead Man

GingerDead Man - Logan Zachary 2.5 stars

Well, that was like being dropped in the middle of running track and forced to keep up with other runners. Not reading [b:Big Bad Wolf|15843203|Big Bad Wolf|Logan Zachary|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1353400238s/15843203.jpg|21585491], the first of Paavo Wolfe mystery, must be one of the reasons I was struggling with the story as I felt like missing some fact/detail from before. This was a decent if somewhat "eeeh!?!?" playing detective story for me. I couldn't quite follow the pace it ran wildly every which way. Added the random alternate POVs (not only of the MCs but anybody they had contact with) that sometimes got me confused who spoke which lines. I guess the writing style was just not working for me.

Not sure why it fell into Erotica category in NetGalley; probably due to all those boners Paavo easily got just from a mention of or looking at someone's anatomy, all those scenes in the bathhouse or something. Personally I put this into comedy. Let's see: the main character - Paavo Wolfe - was a nosy young Finnish who's snarky and mouthy, kind and loyal to his friends, a hugger/cuddler, kisser whose hobby was to butt in into police investigation. His ertswhile partner - Joe DeCarlo - on the other hand, was a real detective of Duluth police force. So they sort of team-up to solve the murder case (meaning Paavo sneaked behind his lover and went places to gather clues and Joe ran over coming to his rescue whenever Paavo called.).

The highlight of this book for me, aside from the array of food mentioned and the cute dog, was unfortunately the incident close to the end of the story. As I read the house burning down with Paavo book collection inside, I got: NOOO! Not the books! Shelves and shelves of books in that house destroyed by fire! BOOKS! I'm weeping (I guess I'm crazy like that).

Note: ARC was kindly provided by Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.