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Two-Man Advantage

Two-Man Advantage - Riley Shane Reading the first installment two years AFTER I read the second one, [b:In the Penalty Box|13355389|In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders, #2)|Riley Shane|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1330565418s/13355389.jpg|18582222] - I guess I'm a bit contrary that way. :p

This is a sweet if somewhat instant love story. Would a week enough to get you fall in love with a stranger? Apparently it was for Nathan Troy who found his Goldilocks - Kyle Harper, an ex Marauder left winger - on his bed in his holiday cabin. What started as misunderstanding and double-booked turned out as the best week these two tired souls ever had.

Despite the insta-love, also the quite early and lots of smutties, I kinda like this story. It was focusing on these two characters - rather isolated cabin, y'know - the way they learned to get to know each other, including past love, hurting over lost carreer, and angst-free.

I guess I could say this hit me good at the right time. Even two years too late. Lucky me! ;-)