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Discreet Young Gentleman

Discreet Young Gentleman - M. J. Pearson This was a wonderful journey of a young earl and a discreet young gentleman set in early 19th century. A bit like GFY in the olden days. It all started with an ambush of a fake highwayman when the Earl of Carwick was on his way home. Little did either party knew that this was a plot to break Carwick's engagement. Stubborn and desperate, Dean - the young earl - toted the turned-out-to-be prostitute, Rob, to Bath to claim his innocence and win his fiancee back. Along the way, they learned about each other and how everything were not as it seemed.

It was an entertaining story from beginning to end. There were some annoying things, like the repetitive mentions of "the prostitute this" "the prostitute that". We knew Rob was a prostitute, that detail already been aired out, no need to stress it every time. And then there's the use of German in the conversation which I felt was a bit off. While I have grasp of some Deutsch myself, this book is supposed to be in English language. I prefer the notation 'he spoke in German' rather than putting the actual language without any translation. Or perhaps the author expect the reader to clutch English/German dictionary while reading this book??

I found the characters the likable lot: Dean, Rob, and even Dean's mentally altered "Hessian" coachman, Erich. These three were young men with troubled past and somehow they healed each others' scar. Despite his often callous comment to Rob, Dean was actually a kind person. That he indulged Rob's wish to visit some decrepit ale house, haunted church, listen to ghost stories, etc was to name a few. He also had low opinion over his own look that Rob never tired to avert. The road to healing was not all moonlight and roses; I cringed at Rob's decision and action he took right after they encountered real highwaymen and felt the raw helplessness along with Dean. There were some misunderstanding and hurting that took time to fix, but this pretty angst-free for me (which I approved!).

Also, this book got me want to fly to England and have a ghost tour of historical architecture there. Ghost tour... yeah right. :D