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Baked Fresh (Portland Heat)

Baked Fresh (Portland Heat) - Annabeth Albert 3.75 stars

Well, I don't mean to compare this book with the first of the series [b:Served Hot|23450159|Served Hot (Portland Heat, #1)|Annabeth Albert|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1416339799s/23450159.jpg|43012645] but it certainly had different feel, way different. Faster pace with a lot more - and I mean MORE - of smutty sex scene. Deep-throated (which was done full-throttle, I'm sure! :p), in-the-shower hand job, rimming 69-ed, beads, mild dom/sub, wherever - even in the back of bakery truck - you name it! It's probably 50:50 from the whole of the book although the actual shagging was much farther in the relationship. But hell, I loved it!

The story was about Vic Degrassi, a 33 year-old talented baker with built like a thug (Robin lovingly called him a love child of The Rock and Vin Diesel) and Robin, a 23 year-old freelance designer, gorgeous, with a lot of baggage - ex trick, recovered alcoholic, sex release... So, to summarize: age-gap, opposite appearance, personal issues which were hard to let go.

This was a sweet love story; I love the slow burn (Vic actually waited 2 years before daring himself to pursue Robin) and chemistry between the pair. Though his rather low self-esteem was something that often had me gritting my teeth. Robin too was a bit of drama queen in my opinion. These were the glitch in their blooming romance, but Thank Gods for no prolonged despair and misery - so worry not, this was pretty low-angst. Except for one obvious person - Robin's ex - most of the characters were lovable, main and supporting. And let's not forget the amount of cakes and food mentioned in this book. Ha!

It's safe to say Ms. Albert's writing style "clicked" with me and I'll be looking forward to the next installment of the series.

Note: ARC was kindly provided by Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.