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Anything for You

Anything for You - Ethan Day Well, this is genuine humor Ethan Day style. Having read a couple other books of his, I’m quite familiar with his typical snarky, bitchy, foul-mouthed main characters. This time though, I had issues with this book. I felt there were lots of loopholes in the storyline that made me think as if I’m missing something.

I didn’t like most of the characters. Jason was not a nice man, he’s a flake. He was butch but whiny, and for reasons known only by himself was still in the closet. I also found it rather disbelieving for Chad, an ex-activist – who had hurtful past involvement with closeted figure – would actively and readily solicit an introduction and jump into relationship with another closet case. And Trent, that stunt you did with martini and Valium?? I did not think it’s funny, you're the one who HAD TO apologize afterward! As much as the MC (and his best buddy, Brent) kept thinking he should’ve been nicer to him, I couldn’t find what’s so nice about Trent. Introducing Jason and Chad was the only good thing he did, though I wasn’t sure that was the intent. And the rest… *siggghh*

I don’t know… I guess this book just didn’t work for me. At all.