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Untitled Infected prequel

Untitled Infected prequel - Andrea Speed I read the whole Infected series last year, being a late comer to the series. But the good thing was I didn't have to wait long for each books to read. So I still had them quite fresh in my mind - including Paris's death...
So this prequel was like talking a walk to the past, when Roan first met Paris. And I didn't shed a tear in this book, because there was a future, albeit a cautious one. :)

Did I love it? Yes (I mean; Roan and Paris! What's not to love!). It's also great to see Dee, I think he's the only surviving ex of Roan, being protective of Roan. Their relationships might have not worked out, but they were still care for one another.

What I felt like pouting at: I wish there were more scenes of Paris in this book, more of him with Roan. His name even used on the title, so why not mwaar of Paris?? Whyyyy... T__T

And beware of the many mentions of (junk) food in this book. I read it at midnight (BR with 2 of my GR pals) and we ended up desperately hungry for burgers, fries etc etc in the end!!! XD