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All You Need Is Love, Volume 1

All You Need Is Love, Volume 1 - Jinko Fuyuno, Noboru Takatsuki, Karen McGillicuddy 2.75 stars

A nice story of second chance that finally, FINALLY, I could read! :D
Thank you Makhda for lending me the book! *winks & kisses*

Be warned that there's rather long flashback chapters from their senior year in high school. In fact, present and past content were 50:50 of the whole body. The plot itself was nothing new in Yaoi, nothing too complicated or angsty. An ordinary kid met a Yakuza heir, be friends then lovers, separated, met again after eight years and reunited. And they lived happily for now. :D

My issues with this books (of which I was being lenient enough to overlook) were:
- No safe sex. In fact, this is common in yaoi as far as I know. The MCs never used condoms, lube or any protection since the first time they were together.
- For young adults - when they first got intimate - their sex conducts were very experienced indeed (on top of the no protection issue).
- Though I loved that we got to read Kobayakawa's POV at the end, it's overused IMO.

That said, I quite enjoyed this and eager to continue with #book2 right after! :)

I shall just leave this description I loved from the final scene:
…A sour-smelling building in Kabuki-cho, whose thin walls let Sawa hear the shouts of drunks outside and the sound of cars going by and told him that this was reality – not some perfect dream of starched sheets pulled tight over a hotel bed.

A reality that was not merely sweet and tender, but harsh. And Sawa wanted Kobayakawa anyway.

and this ilustration that had me snorting while reading it:

All You Need Is Love