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Hunter and Hunted

Hunter and Hunted - M.D. Grimm The title might seem unimaginative. But hey this series kept surprising me - in a good way! After blind shifter of the previous book, we finally got a Knight as main character - and a black man too. And the shifter taking the front stage this time was a deer shifter. What a refreshing change!

Hunter was a confused Knight, questioning things the organization doctrined him to believe, ever since he was adopted by a high ranking member there. On Hunter's rite passage, Glenn - a deer shifter - stumbled into his line of riffle. From then on, Hunter's world turned upside down.
Romantic plot wise, there was nothing new here. As common in shifter universe, shifter beings often got attracted, attached, and mated someone in a short span of time. In this case, within days of knowing each other. Our MCs were likable enough, but nothing so special about them other than what I pointed out earlier.

Getting stronger in this installment was the Agency versus Knight organization. We met again with Agent Poe and his team, trying to infiltrate Knight's headquarter on a rescue mission. The link to previous book was also more felt here (the premises occurred two months after [b:Blind Devotion|15755708|Blind Devotion (The Shifters #3)|M.D. Grimm|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1342499876s/15755708.jpg|21452872]).

And that epilogue! As if I needed that dangled in front of me to get me want to speed to the next book!? Oh what the heck, YES! That epilogue would certainly got me hurrying along with Agent Poe to get to [b:Healing Minds|18046558|Healing Minds (The Shifters #5)|M.D. Grimm|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1370656701s/18046558.jpg|25326379]. There. Happy now?