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Master's Blood

Master's Blood - M.D. Grimm How could he love someone so much after so short an acquaintance? How was that even possible?

Well, that's MY question too while reading this book! (I know, I know, PNR stories with shifters where mates, bound, and yada yada were instinctively normal blah blah blah...).

This was actually a story I had been so looking forward to read. Been curious about Agent Poe ever since his first appearance on this series. Alas, it didn't turn out to be what I hope...

I mean, I like the story enough. And it was good to see the inside of the Agency here, to know that Poe - despite his super strength was only human with all their nature and weaknesses. Aside from Poe being a dwarf descendant (which made him NOT tall), the other character - the bear shifter - was a native american; which made for interesting couple.

However... The plot left me frustrated. Earlier in the series, Poe somehow being described as top agent, pretty unbeatable. Same went for Nordik. Here, in their own book however, I didn't much see that top notch ability. I pretty much grumbled "you should've KNOWN better" over and over. Another thing was the constant "me, Alpha - him, alpha" appear here; and the instant "Aha! He's my soul mate!" mere hours after face to face encounter. The proclamation was also very rushy to my humane opinion.

The Poe/Nordik sex scenes were quite HAWT though. Theirs were pretty raw (and painful) wherever the occasion took place. Then again Nordik was closer to being neanderthal that it's a bit "normal" for him acting rather brutal or wild.

And that epilogue... Not necessarily a cliff-hanger. Honestly though, I'm running out of patience with "mystery" being dangled in front of my face like that. As much as I wanted to find out more about Arcas, my feeling started to lean on the "too much" already...