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Everything Changes

Everything Changes - Melanie Backe-Hansen What it is to me was a roller coaster ride, with ups and down, plunges and climbs. Do I like this book? Yeah, enough - but it wasn't what I expected. Not really.

The story was told as third person POV alternately by Carey and Jase; both survivors of sandbox duty turned devastating, with their own PTSD. They met on training base before deployment and got close all through their tour and after. For Jase, it was lust at first sight turned to love. He took care of his buddy overcoming loss-limb to be independent person again. Little did Carey knew, for while Jase came back whole from war, he suffered from his own traumatic experience. Or even that Jase carried a torch for him.

So the ingredients were: strong disabled guy, mentally-wrecked EMT/musician, slow burn, gay for you, friends to lovers. I was pretty excited when I started this book. Alas, I found the first 39% of the story rather bland, even with flashbacks from their tour of duty time filled in between long narration. By the time Carey at last gave in to his attraction to Jase, the pages turned into marathon sex scenes. Now I didn't mind some sexy times in my reading, but not at the point to become cross-eyed and yawning because of it.


Around the last 40% of the book things picked up. Some accident triggered Jase's anxiety attack and the after effect had him admitted his problem to Carey and agreed to seek counselling. This process to healing was not instant. And the fact that both characters had weaknesses endeared me more. Even Carey's after long weekend decision still had my approval. The process, see? It took time, and both were not the sort to make rash decision. And then there's this stupid action happened close to the end.
While I appreciate the author didn't come up with dramatic romantic scene, and that stupid action only NEARLY happened... it still pissed me off.

Thus, I didn't consider this a smooth sailing for me. Nope. Too many yawning and gritted teeth moments although all in all, I still like it.