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With or Without Him

With or Without Him - Barbara Elsborg 2.5 stars

First off: not the book's fault that I don't like it. This is not my cup of tea. In fact, if it wasn't for it being picked as March book reading challenge by Indonesian MM Readers group, I would never pick it up - Brit book notwithstanding.

That saying, I tried to keep an open mind reading this. Scout's honour!! But then the story started with sex party... **EEP!!**

Trudging on through chapters (I sort of ran through the sex orgy and the beginning of BDSM party | shudders) I found that it wasn't that bad. I mean, I like the writing style. But the story span too long (the aura of mystery the characters desperately clinging to (Haris and Tyler were a pair of mixed-up men with bloody dismal past), the misscommunication/misunderstanding (instead of talking inside your head why not man up, SPEAK UP and really TALK! jeez), the repeated sex scenes - yep, that's A LOT) that personally I just found... exhausting. It's like watching never-ending smutty soap opera where black and white were so cut and dry.

Thank gads for Wilson and his antics. Yes, he's a secondary character. But for me, he's way more entertaining than the MCs.