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Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds - M.D. Grimm I guess should've read this later, after [b:Master's Blood|18298752|Master's Blood (The Shifters #6)|M.D. Grimm|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1375862214s/18298752.jpg|25784496]. There's tiny detail here referring to event happened in #book6. But what's done is done. So I'd just consider this as a way late Valentine story (considering the pinky heart-shape cuttings mentioned here ^__^).

It was nice to know how Josh and Xavier doing at their new home and work place. After they had been through in the early stages of their relationship, this pair kept going strong. Though the process of becoming established couple was a bit of a struggle.

These were two guys who spent most years of their lives as an island, never got really close to others. More so that Josh, as told in previous book, was a virgin in a relationship in every sense (and details) of the word, while Xavier had been the type to indulge in a row of acquaintance with benefits himself. Their communication as a couple also hit some bumpy path. Josh had been working as Agency aide for years; despite his adorable and sweet nature (I keep having trouble picturing a six feet tall man as cute) he was trained for self-defence and battle. Xavier, with his paramilitary upbringing and wolf Alpha nature, was very protective of his mate.

A rehabilitation patient gone wild causing first huge row between this couple. But thank gads for lack of drama for reconciliation process. This was the thing I love about this couple; their careful approach on their (still) brand new relationship. Of all the couple of this series, I consider them the "normal" one - past baggage and all.

Nice shorty, this one.