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The Protector

The Protector - Cooper West Still in grieving, mourning, whatever the heck it was didn't give one permission to be a dick, ass, jerk, jackass, numbskull... (okay, I better stop ranting). Alex was such a widower almost throughout the book. He gave Marcus, his new Handler the cold shoulder, yet he needed him to survive. Sure, Marcus had his own issues; with his background and being old-and-still-not-mated Handler. Not old as in old, just old as unmated... you know what, never mind.

Marcus had his faults too, and he was as stubborn as his Protector; but Alex... I couldn't stop gritting my teeth reading his callous actions one after another. If you can handle this kind of torture (huge dislike to one or more MC) you SHOULD read this.

That's not the only reason though. Story-wise this is a new twist on the were-dogs plot I've read so far. They mated with human handlers their teenage years not long after they manifested. Add the villain which came in the form of the mad scientist (no surprise there), and some very likable supporting characters. Voila. I enjoy this very much. Despite Alex Taylor...

Ryan and John nudged me to give good stars, but Alex... So. Rounded up 4 stars from me. There.