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Loveblood - M.J. O'Shea Glad that I finished this. Finally. It's not that I didn't enjoy reading it. I did. At the beginning.
Even when the characters' selfish acts hurt people around them including themselves (teens, what do you expect), because I want to see how these angsty problems solved. And then it dragged. And then the conclusion. Not. Then there's trouble. Some respite. Another trouble. Solution. Then the war. The end.
And I got: Huh, that's it? and closed the book.

I reasoned with myself, this was story of teenagers, pups, on the verge of becoming young adults, facing their problems and responsibilities. They could be mercurial, prone to react and change so suddenly, thus the jumps of the storyline.
That said, I still don't buy it. So I guess this was just an okay for me.