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Consorting With Dragons

Consorting With Dragons - Sera Trevor What fun fun fun read! A fairy tale without all the angst and sufferings. Lord consort-to-be who had to wear CORSETS (gasp!) under their layers of clothing, magic that could make the trunks and clothing racks floating, an inebriate gamble-loving yet doted parent who one preferred to be charming from a distance.
There's some obnoxious biatch, but they can easily be dismissed.

Jasen was an impoverished Lord of the realm, coming to the capital city to join the Court seeking for noble husband. It was a new world with lots of didn't-make-sense rules he waded in, with some helps from fellow Court member, Lady Risyda, and court guard, Larely.

I really enjoy reading this. Those who love a bit of fairy tales with dragons, prince (or king) charming, late night hookah-smoking, and much predicted happy ending should have a go at this!!!