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Murder on the Mountain

Murder on the Mountain - Jamie Fessenden Not what I expected from the blurb AND the cover. But I enjoyed reading the story, it being more of a mystery solving than romance.

What happened when hard-up broken home guy(s) met spoiled rich girl? Love affair. Alas, it's not. Lust, certainly. Thus the stories revealed after the death of a Stuart Warren on the mountain.

I'm not fond of bad guys with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and throughout the story it seemed all suspects and the vic were of fucked up characters. If I were in Jesse's shoes, mystery author wannabe or not, I'd have had left the bunch alone. But if he'd done that Jesse won't get in the way of Kyle Dubois, a tough (closeted) bisexual cop who loved romcom movies and romance novels, one of the detectives in charge.

Despite Kyle's protests, warnings and all, Jesse jumped in the chance to do some sleuthing as well as building up a relationship with him. (I love it when the younger one in a couple be the more experienced and certain in what they wanted. Go power bottom! :D) It's good that the bad guy turned out to have conscience after all, despite the outcome.

3.5 stars, there you go.