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My Favorite Uncle

My Favorite Uncle - Marshall Thornton Turnabout is fair play. I think this was the idiom that both unconsciously and intentionally went in Martin and his nephew, Carter's head throughout the book.

From the moment Carter stepped into Martin's life (and his apartment); confused, scared, upset, he turned into a slutty yet gullible brat out to wrecked his uncle's supposedly peaceful and well-ordered life on the way to find his own happiness.
Martin went from bachelor who's still bitter and resenting his ex from long ago relationship, to be uncle/dad to a practically novice gay teenager. He wouldn't be free to enjoy his Jax Hammer dvd collections anymore!! X-)))

As wonted of Mr. Thornton's story, there were lots of witty dialogues, hooted moments as well as misunderstandings. Through these all both uncle and nephew grew to understand and like each other, albeit grudgingly. These include how Martin let Carter sticked with his choice albeit his own misgiving, and reserved his I-told-you-so when he's proven right; and on the contrary Carter wouldn't let his uncle make a mistake and stepped up to take action to prevent it from happening.

The build up from distrusting distant relatives to friends and family were filled with turmoils. And you might hate nephew, uncle, or both along the way. But I find myself enjoying this book immensely.

3.5 stars!! :)