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Raining Men - Rick R. Reed Much like a roller-coaster ride on a gray misty day, this is a journey of Bobby (the cheating, back-stabbing best-friend of Caden on [bc:Chaser|15824672|Chaser|Rick R. Reed|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344803832s/15824672.jpg|21555664]) from dark to a promising light.
I really disliked Bobby on Chaser, and the beginning of this book didn't help either. Bobby was a slut, a man-whore, an insecure sex-addict guy in a gorgeous package. His visits of the bathhouses, his online cruisings, and indiscriminate numerous encounters didn't endear him to me at all. At first.

His father's passing brought him back home to Seattle which he hadn't visited for a decade. In this setting, we saw a different Bobby surging up, one of a surprisingly loving person, especially to his mother. His dark side appeared during his most vulnerable moment. Afterwards, both these opposite characters of his battled for dominance along the story. I cringed whenever his dark side won; which, sadly, quite a few times.

This was a dark, emotional story that felt so real. And everything in this story was not simple black and white. Even Robert Nelson, Sr. who were portrait as some hard-ass of a father was later on proved to be loving his son unconditionally. We could feel the pain of loss and regret when Bobby thought about his best-friend Caden. (Though I ranted and felt Caden too high and mighty the way he kept rejecting Bobby's approach. I still felt Caden was somewhat responsible over the problem he had with Kevin even if Bobby hadn't come into the picture!) Bobby's confusion and presumption over who he fell in love with when met with the possibility of the one person he'd like to spend his life with.

At first, I rather pushed him to Wade who seemed so nice and confident and looked to be a good influence to Bobby. I was not sure about the long distance, though; considering the state Bobby was in. Then came Aaron of the same past issues, who understood and accepted Bobby for what he was. His living in the same city and attended the same group meeting were a plus! I think [a:Rick R. Reed|5965|Rick R. Reed|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1328834279p2/5965.jpg] also felt the same, that's why later on he somewhat made Wade acted like a jerk, dangling Bobby after finding another love interest! description

Life begins at 40. And this was true for Bobby undergone some growing up throughout the story. True, the epilogue was too Hollywoodesque for my taste: everyone had their happy endings. But after all that our hero been though, I let it go. So, not quite a sterling 5 stars, but 4.85 for me. :D

PS: Don't forget the mutt! I'm pleased to say the so-ugly-looking-he's-so cute Johnny Wadd helped Bobby through his darkest moments. Thank God for Pets and their loves of their masters!