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All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon This book is even better than the first one in the series. I get more of what Kit and JX actually have in mind about each other and, especially for Kit, about himself; his anxiety, insecurity, and where/why were those coming from. Holmes may look on the outside as flippant, cynical, stand-offish, shallow and prone to drama. In actuality he's quite fiercely loyal to his friends, even when they betrayed him, has deep feeling for his partner, and really intelligent.

Wow, I really sound like a fan here! And I am; a big fan of Kit Holmes that is.
It's really interesting hearing Kit's thinking, plotting, assuming and deducting from page to page. Just like before, he's the one who actually put two and two together and solve the mystery, farfetched though it seems to others.

I guess that means I'm officially a big fan of Josh Lanyon now. I'm really looking forward to next installment of this series. There will be, I hope... :D