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Meet Me in the Middle - L.A. Witt "I just need you to know that nothing could ever make me more committed to you than the twenty years I spent without you.”

Twenty years. Would that be considered as a waste of time or unfounded commitment for two used-to-be close friends to be hung up on each other? Were there people patient enough for this sort of not really relationship? Apparently there were at least two here, represented by Dale and Adam.

I don't read the first two books of this series so I don't know anything about Dale and his sometimes way-too-close-to-each-others couples friends Rhett/Ethan and Kieran/Alex. But I like their close friendships in a way they help Dale through his anxiety and uncertainty (though more than once or twice I felt that Dale should stop being such a worrywart, grow some spines, speak up and face the consequences). Adam was a puzzle for me - an almost retired naval officer with three ex-wives. Was he bisexual or a closet case? I thought he felt something for Dale then appeared indifferent and off-putting; as much a box practice target as Dale in my opinion. There were moments when he explained it all (rather Hollywood-like style for me that I dreaded there be An Officer and A Gentleman scene where Richard Gere carried Debra Winger off). But there were none of that (Thank God) and none of the over the top drama. :)