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Dragonblade - Mychael Black 2.5 stars.
Slightly better than book #1. This started directly from where [bc:The Lost Son|7496552|The Lost Son (Secrets of Socendor, #1)|Mychael Black|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1365987592s/7496552.jpg|9652670] ended. The general and sorcerer still had at it (meaning sex, coupling, whatever) each times they can; in their room, in the inns, in the caves, outdoors... you name it! At least there's the adventure looking for the sword, fighting the dragons, spiders, wraiths... And the "bad" brother Braen wasn't so bad after all.
Although, there's many things left unanswered (no doubt to prepare for next books) and lack of details which was pretty unsatisfying.
How did the evil sorcerer Breasal finally brought back into the world, how deep treacheries were the royal siblings into, what happened to the castle's people, the king and queen. The MCs assumed the laters being held prisoners. And I assume there will be more books throwing bits of story after this.