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Until My Whole Life Could Belong

Until My Whole Life Could Belong - Amy Lapine It was embarrassing to say this story had me grappling for a foothold. This was about the one who got away; a chance meet that set in motion new hope of more fulfilling relationship. It’s that simple, right? But there must be something lost in translation that for the life of me I just couldn’t get this story.

I tried to put together their history for my easy understanding. Years ago, Chase and Mitch were schoolmates in high school. Mitch was a jock in the school hockey team and had a huge crush on Chase. When the big in the closet jock declared his feeling, Chase rejected him because he felt his then boyfriend was “the one”. But ever since he couldn’t keep Mitch out of his mind (for years) because deep down he was actually in love with Mitch?? By this point my thinking gear ground to a halt.

Could be, what happened was lack of chemistry between the book and I. The writing style didn’t work for me. There was no click or pull that lured me to enjoy the whole tale. I found the story-line flat and dull, there were no sparks between the main characters – they were not that interesting persons to begin with, even Chase first noticed Mitch’s bad haircut on the train before recognizing him as his old friend. The playing scrabble scene was too much for me. While it could be an attempt to build the rapport for our erstwhile MCs, to go into every detail of the scrabble was really distracting the conversation. And for some long suppressed love, when they actually had sex – I didn’t feel the fire.

What can I say, this book was just not for me.

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