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A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1)

A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1) - Keira Andrews 2.5 stars
In many communities, Rumspringa is a period when some Amish youth, boys more than girls, experience greater freedom. They are no longer under the control of their parents on weekends and, because they are not baptized, they are not yet under the authority of the church. During this time, many Amish youth adhere to traditional Amish behavior. Others, however, experiment with “worldly” activities… Amish Study, Elizabethtown College
Not to being technical, but I need to get a grip on what I read so I looked the term up (I googled it! Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it). This book was not my usual cup of tea but it was picked as Indonesian MM Readers Reading Challenge for this month, a 231 pages challenge – but who’s counting, right? – so I kinda hafta read this. *helpless grins*

It was a gloomy story for me back to back, and I struggled to understand A LOT from the story. Not to disrespect Amish community, but some of the things divulged here just… made me cringe, it was hard to connect with; and thus my focus was straying from the main characters, or the drama of their love life. Most of the time while reading I got this thought “Thank God I wasn’t the one living there” or “I wouldn’t survive with lists of things not allowed there” which were so not the point!

The characters were, like, 18 and 21 or something, so I figured them to have crush/lust at first sight instead of jumping into long lasting love. But of course(!!!) even at that age they were already being urged and asked to get married and start the family by almost everybody, even their peers or younger siblings. I guess that was the way things go there, but it just annoyed me! And as for the romance, this felt like a continued hook-up to me (that’s the foremost on our MCs mind anyway, to be together and be… intimate), I didn’t really get the chemistry.

In the end, all I felt was acute relief for having finally finished reading it. HEA, continued stories or whatever, I don’t think I would look further for David/Isaac story.

Some books are just not for me despite all the accolade and commendation this book has.