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Someone Like Her (A K2 Team Novel)

Someone Like Her (A K2 Team Novel) - Sandra Owens 2.75 stars

This was a nice story of friends turned to lovers. An ex-SEAL, Jake had been harboring attraction to his Commander-turned-boss's sister, Maria, for years. Unfortunately, Logan, said boss, had made it clear that his sister was off-limit - due to Jake's womanizing reputation. Yet when she stumbled into trouble - while trying to find her natural father, Jake was the one Maria called for help. Thus followed incidents that made them (more) aware of each others attractions - brother/boss' blessings otherwise.

While overall I liked the plot and the characters, there were a few niggles for me. Jake's nickname for Maria, for example - all these years he'd been calling her Chiquita without really knowing what it meant (he only found out about the last 20% pages of the story with went like this:
“Easy, Chiquita. Did you know Chiquita means baby? I didn’t until a few days ago. I just called you that because I liked the sound of it, but now it has meaning. Are you mad?..."
In the beginning he was also pretty hung up on his nickname "Romeo" and fighting his attraction to Maria because of that name and he kept saying, or I should say - talked to himself, "I am Romeo, I shouldn't do this," repeatedly. This was so not what I imagined a mature (and professional ex-SEAL) way of thinking. The fighting to get attached, I totally get - it's the reasoning that got me "Huh??"

Maria herself was a pretty cool young woman with, a computer and business wiz. Her only problem was her insecurity as a result of not so pretty childhood. There were no explanations in this book on whether the father she was looking for was Logan's father too or they were actually half siblings though (she was looking for a father with Spanish heritage. Considering Logan's and her last name, Kincaid - nothing Spanish about it, this did gave me a pause). Perhaps that could be found in #book1 of this series, [b:Crazy for Her|22813862|Crazy for Her (K2 Team, #1)|Sandra Owens|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1409135513s/22813862.jpg|40362972], which admitedly I haven't had the pleasure to read .

So. Entertaining? Somewhat. Even with the hot and cold relationship this pair had throughout the story. Although honestly, I was more curious about Jamie, Jake's friend and fellow ex-SEAL, character and Mouse, the cat. I wish there were more on these two. Alas... :)

Note: ARC was kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.