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Tasting Cherry Blossoms

Tasting Cherry Blossoms - Marie Medina 2.5 stars

Well, that was darn entertaining. The year was 3000 something set in a world where two suns shined. The vampires of this world lived just like humans - only with way longer life - woke up at dawn, able to move about under the sun. Lord Ettore found his mate, Simon, when he visited a human castle. And it's love at the first taste of blood. Typical eh? ;D

But the wooing of this couple was so endearingly cute and sweet; Ettore was so patient in the face of his virginal human lover.

This was a mostly smooth plot flow, the incident - with a bit of a tragedy - was pretty quickly solve. So if you had a wish for some light fluff vampire story, you might wanna try this one.
And I shall just leave below pic to help your imagination. :D